Studio Zero Diary Report #6 on Company Exchange Meetings


On July 28th, Atlus released their sixth diary report for Studio Zero, focusing on a regularly held company “exchange meeting.”

This follows the fifth report by project manager Akiyasu Yamamoto, discussing his work.

Nice to meet you,

I’m Studio Zero planner, Tsuda.

To introduce myself simply, my job mainly consists of writing and checking in-game text. I’ve had a relatively short career compared to my seniors, but as one of the scenario planners behind “Persona 5,” I participated in a very important project.

This time, I would like to talk about the “exchange meeting,” which has nothing to do with the above!

In Studio Zero, we hold “exchange meetings” regularly when new members join, or even when that isn’t the case. Together, with a welcome party for the two who joined this month, we did this at a shop near the company office!

We finished up our work and headed towards the shop. We clinked our glasses with a cheer, and proceeded to enjoy the cuisine and the sake.

The dinner party came to an end after going in full swing. Volunteers went out for a second party, but the next day was unfortunately a weekday… Taken in moderation this time, it truly came to an end.

Although it was held outside the company this time, many “exchange meetings” have been held within the company office.

The staff made handmade curry (authentic style!), and the entire floor was filled with the smell of yakisoba and takoyaki. and the menu was diverse with hand-rolled sushi and hand-rolled crepe (!).

There are lots of fun events like “workplace gaming,” playing multiplayer games on the office TV, or board games that were brought in.

The occasional breather is a good stimulus, because I’m usually dedicated to my work. Through the “exchange meeting,” you can have an appreciation for colleagues who you do not interact with at work, and unexpected ideas can be brought about through chatting.

When it comes to creating entertainment through games, no experience is wasted. And I like to finish it with a nice little story, haha.

Thank you for reading this.

Studio Zero

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