Studio Zero Diary Report #1 on the National Art Center Mucha Exhibition


Following the previous Studio Zero blog post on the office’s entrance, as well as the recent Katsura Hashino post about Persona 5‘s Western release, a new diary post has been written for the team.

This report involves the Alfons Mucha exhbition at the National Art Center in Tokyo, which took place from March 8 to June 5, 2017.


This is Studio Zero designer [Yasuhiro] Akimoto.

I have been involved in development mainly as a character modeler. As far as main titles are involved, I have contributed to Persona 5 and Catherine with character modeling for things such as protagonists.  I participated in those games from when they began until the end, so there have been fewer projects I’ve contributed to since.

As a modern studio, I visited the “Mucha Exhibition” that was held at the National Art Center as a designer, along with the Artwork Team’s Soejima, some planners, and some programmers.

It’s very convenient to go to the National Art Center, since it can be accessed straight from the Nogizaka Station.

It was crowded on this Friday evening, but that was natural!

The Mucha exhibition guide came out, and the excitement rose.

And we all went into the exhibition hall. The crowd dispersed and observed freely at their own pace.

I was surprised at the size of the paintings as soon as I entered!

Mucha is famous for his lithographs, but the Slav Epic exhibited as the main piece consisted of a huge painting between 6 and 8 meters. When I approached it, it was overwhelmingly powerful and did not fit in my sight, giving me a feeling that I had entered the picture.

Tanaka [Studio Zero scenario writer, Yuichiro Tanaka] left impressions for the project:

“The main feature of the Mucha exhibition this time was the exhibition of  all The Slav Epics for the first time in history all across the country, but I felt that it was content that would want to be brought to those who do not know the details.

Every work is very precise in relation to what kind of experience it wants to convey to the people who would stand in front of the picture and gaze. I think that the whole series is close to the experience of watching a movie.

When the final piece represents a story from the beginning of the era of myth arriving into the 20th century, will it move anyone’s heart? It was a wonderful exhibition.”

I was very much stimulated by this experience I cannot easily grasp. I wanted to make use of it in the future, in game production.

Changing the subject, on June 6, at the “Kurihaku Job Hunting Festa / Summer Portfolio Consultation & Selection Session” event will be held at the Shinjuku NS Building.

Atlus will also be exhibiting there, so if you are planning to attend, please come visit the Atlus area!

This event will be eligible for new graduates, but it is also a great opportunity for mid-career recruitment, so designers will definitely wait for applicants.


This time, as with last time and the time before that, the photos were taken by Goto [Studio Zero planner, Kenichi Goto].

Translation help thanks to @MysticDistance.

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