SuperGroupies Persona 3 Collaboration Fashion Merchandise Announced


Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced a new collaboration with Atlus and Persona 3, featuring a variety of items inspired by the game.

The pre-order period for the items is from July 19, 2019 to August 5, 2019.


A watch with a design representing the phases of the moon. At midnight, a new moon appears at the top.

The numbers on the index are numbers from the tarot cards, and it has a dark blue leather belt and silver casing. It’s delivered in a special box with the Persona 3 logo.

  • Price: 16,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link


A jacket inspired by the Gekkoukan High School uniforms worn by the main characters. It bears a tag with the same pattern as the “SEES” armband, hidden on the left sleeve pocket.

The dark blue lining is reminiscent of the night sky, and the emblem of the school is embroidered on the chest area.

  • Price: 24,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Early November 2019
  • Product Link


A pouch with the design of a holster like the one worn by the protagonist to equip his evoker. The picture of an evoker is printed under the mesh on the pocket.

  • Price: 11,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Early December 2019
  • Product Link


A wallet with the motif of the Velvet Room. The surface is decorated with a pattern evoking the image of the Velvet RRoom, and the front has the image of Thanatos’ coffin.

The inside of the wallet is embossed with the motif of the “contract key.”

  • Price: 10,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Early December 2019
  • Product Link

Smartphone Case

A notebook type smartphone case with the motif of the Velvet Room. The attached “contract key” is removable, and the front features the image of Thanatos’ coffin and a pattenrn of the Velvet Room embossed.

  • Price: 5,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Early December 2019
  • Product Link

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SuperGroupies is a brand whose concept is “anime fashion,” with the goal of releasing fashion and lifestyle products that subtly convey video games and anime.

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