SuperGroupies Persona 4 Collaboration Fashion Merchandise Announced


Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced a new collaboration with Atlus and Persona 4, featuring a variety of items inspired from the game.

The pre-order period for the items is from August 15, 2019 to September 2, 2019.


A wristwatch inspired by the Persona 4 setting. Along with the houndstooth pattern etched on the dial, its design consists of the seven colors representing the motifs for each characters’ glasses.

Represented phases cycle automatically, showing off unique motifs from the game for 7 days. Additionally, the icons can be changed manually at any time.

The second hand is adorned with glasses, and the strap has different colors on its front and rear.

  • Price: 15,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link


A high standing collar trench coat designed after the Yasogami High School uniform. Its finish makes it feel like a uniform, from its sleeve fabric to its stitching.

In addition to its slender silhouette, the houndstooth pattern on the inside of its pockets and collar is a distinctive point.

It also has a unique tag with the Persona 4 TV motif.

  • Price: 28,000 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link


A messenger bag inspired by the Yasogami High School uniform.

The front bears an original tag with a TV motif, along with a small decoration on its side representing each characters’ glasses as a motif.

The zipper sliders feature glasses as their design, and the inside is designed with a houndstooth pattern, packed with attention to detail.

  • Price: 11,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link


Glasses designed after the ones worn by the main character. The temple on the left is decorated with matching patterns for each characters’ glasses. The back of the temples are also decorated with houndstooth patterns.

  • Price: 6,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Early January 2020
  • Product Link


A multi-zipper type wallet inspired by the main character. A design with vivid yellow zippers and a black base studded with houndstooth patterns.

Inside is an embossed motif evoking the entrance of the TV world that appears in the game. There is also a decoration representing the glasses worn by each of the protagonists in Persona 4.

  • Price: 10,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link

Card Holder

A pass case inspired by the tarot cards that appear in Persona 4.

The cover is embossed with the motif of the “Fool Tarot Card.” Its pocket can hold coins and banknotes.

  • Price: 5,800 yen + tax
  • Delivery Date: Late December 2019
  • Product Link

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SuperGroupies is a brand whose concept is “anime fashion,” with the goal of releasing fashion and lifestyle products that subtly convey video games and anime.