Tokyo Game Show 2016 Atlus Booth and Event Pictures


Tokyo Game Show 2016 has now ended on September 18th in Japan, and Sega has released pictures of their booth and events featured at the show.

See an archive of the liveblog for the TGS 2016 Persona events in the previous post.

Day 1 (September 15 [Business])


Day 2 (September 16 [Business])

The start of the Tokyo Game Show 2016 second day.

Day 3 (September 17 [Public])

A lot of customers arrived immediately at the Sega booth (free Persona 5 bags were distributed to them).

Day 4 (September 18 [Public])

The start of the last day of TGS 2016. A shot of a nearby station.

TGS 2016 this year was held, as always, at the Makuhari Messe convention center. It officially started on September 15th, lasting until September 18, 2016.

— Sega (1, 2)