Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Announced for September 23 to 27, 2020


Following the announcement that the annual Japanese video game industry convention, the Tokyo Game Show, would be cancelled due to COVID-19 in favor of a digital event this year, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) has announced the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online to take place from September 23 to September 27, 2020.

As outlined previously, Atlus has regularly participated in the Tokyo Game Show events since 2014, with booths and various live streams. Atlus has not been confirmed to participate in the upcoming digital event as of yet.

Overview of the first ever online Tokyo Game Show event through the CESA press release:

From September 24 (Thu.) to 27 (Sun.), various companies and organizations in the gaming industry, from major publishers to indie game developers, will unveil the latest updates including the release of new titles and services via the Official TGS channel, and streaming programs, videos and websites created by TGS2020 ONLINE Exhibits.

The event will also include live streams of e-Sports tournaments, new information for game-related merchandise, and online round-table discussions “covering the latest topics in games.” All of the events will be available to watch for free.

Event’s front-facing content will begin on September 24th, with September 23rd being solely reserved for “online business matching”: Networking opportunities for the participating companies to hold online meetings. Recruitment for participants through the “TGS Business Matching System” will begin on August 17th.

Exhibitor Application Schedule

Explained in the “exhibit guide,” applications to exhibit at this event start on June 25 and the deadline is July 21. The categories are “General Exhibit”, “BtoB”, “Game School”, “Indie Game”, and “Merchandising”. Exhibitors will be able to post information for their company on the website from September 1st.

Each exhibitor can also apply—between June 25 and July 17—for a slot to deliver a presentation, round-table discussion, or another type of event through the official TGS2020 Online Channel. Without going through the official TGS channel, each exhibitor can also produce their own independent program which TGS 2020 Online will add to their program list.

More details can be found on the official website for Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online.