Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Sold Around 50k Copies in the U.S. in June, More than Japan’s Total

According to video game industry analyst ZhugeEX with data taken from NPD sales results, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE sold around 50,000 copies at retail in the United States of America during the month of June 2016.

This means that around 50k copies of the Wii U exclusive RPG were sold in the U.S. during its first week, following its release on June 24.

Japanese Sales

The opening week sales for Genei Ibun Roku #FE in Japan were a total of around 24k copies. The total sales for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE in Japan was around 37k copies, according to Media Create tracker sales data, as of April 2016.

The game has therefore sold more in the first week released in the United States than it has during its current lifetime in Japan.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (previously known as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem) was released on December 26, 2015 in Japan for the Wii U. It released in North America and Europe on June 24, 2016.

@ZhugeEX via GoNintendo

  • Kaetsu

    I still need to pick this up at some point but it’s interesting to see that it’s more successful in the west. Pushing it as a Fire Emblem game probably helped.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    would have sold more if they did not go around covering the cleavage of girls

    • Kashi Persona Canpy

      Uh covering? Should I take a screenshot of your bosses cleavage hanging all out? AND her flirting with the MC?

      • Jesse

        They’re just going to constantly say negative and exaggerated things about the localization. It’s not worth the effort arguing with them.

        • malbhet

          I’m pretty sure people aren’t exaggerating about content being cut from the localized version which some would consider is an inferior version for the west, and they wouldn’t be wrong. If you think stuff like this isn’t a big deal then explain to me as to why the Japanese re-released FF7 back in the late 90’s with the 2 secret bosses that were originally added in the American vanilla release of FF7? These type of things matter to enough people to influence sales regardless if you think they are trivial or not. If someone told you that they seen an extended version of your favorite movie which added 2 hours worth of content, but you never seen the new added scenes before, and that version was to never be released to your region due to censorship, wouldn’t you be a little pissed off, or at least annoyed by this decision as well? I know I would.


      Actually I bet the controversy grabbed people’s attention and increased sales. That’s how it tends to work with a small title.

      • VLOCKUP

        It may grab some people’s attention but comparing to pissed off fans of the controversy? I say it’s tiny compared to how much marketing is spent to appeal it to mainstream audience and ignore its niche customers.

        That much marketing on TMS #FE and yet it only sold SLIGHTLY better than the Japanese market. That is not much of a return there.

      • malbhet

        It actually sold poorly because of the censorship. A lot of Amazon pre orders were even canceled because of this alone, and that just amazon, god only know how many other retailers had cancellations as well.

        • Chase Minh

          That’s just stupid. All of you anti-censorship people don’t mind when the guy characters get covered up. You just whine when the 13 year old girls have to put clothes on…

  • Kashi Persona Canpy

    I am glad that its doing better than Japan at least. So far I’m enjoying it; reminds me of P3 what with the setting and Social Link Go! times. Be nice if it could be Project X Zone and Zero Escape, more being made for the western audience but in all honesty would rather have what people THOUGHT it was going to be: a literal crossover. The whole singing thing is still…weird. lol

    • ElementaB

      Crossover is a light term for this game. It is 99% SMT, 1% Fire Emblem. Either way saying it did better then the sales in Japan is not saying much.

    • rergerger

      It’s not doing better than in Japan, Japan’s population is 127 million, the US’ is 318 million, which means that for Tokyo Mirage’s launch sales to be proportional to Genei Ibunroku’s it should have sold 60k.

  • Lusankya

    I wonder how the numbers for Europe are, but at least it’s a sign for Nintendo that even “super Japanese” games can sell better in the West.

    • psynumb .

      I’m wondering that too. I bought a European version since I live in the Middle East and Nintendo doesn’t recognize a market there so, I went European this time around :-P.

      • Sean Patterson

        The story is lacking, but it’s a very pretty game and the battle system is absolutely fantastic.

  • ElementaB

    50k does not seem that great at all.

    • Hanatarot

      Not as bad as other titles like code name steam, w101, and maybe other Japanese that only sold 6,000. Not amazing but certainly not terrible.

  • Makishima

    I heard someone say that the sales in Japan were really bad and a flop, is that true? I’m not good at stuff like this so I don’t know if 37k could be considered bad.

    • Hanatarot

      Truly no. There has been far worst titles then that.Wonderful 101 with only 5,000 units sold, time delima with 5,000 and star fox zero 25,000 units sold. So is it terrible sales? No. Is it amazing. No. But OK. Now if you compare it to other altus titles like famous ones like persona4; which you shouldn’t really count famous long term series then yes. It didn’t sell that well.

    • rergerger

      37k over the course of a year is pretty bad in a territory with a population of 127 million.
      50k is even worse, considering the US’ population is 318 million, 50k is 10k short of being proportional to Japan’s launch sales.

      • micahl taylor

        I know this is old but dude this is a jrpg while they sale they aren’t going to sell millions of copies unless your Pokemon, Mario ,Zelda, or recently fire emblem in the states.

  • Marc Duarte

    This is what happens when you take a niche game filled to the brim with content that only appeals to weebs and do a half-assed job of trying to water it down for the mainstream market in order to garner more sales. Nintendo may have gotten away pulling this stunt with Fire Emblem IF, since it didn’t have the same amount of weeb content, but they clearly failed here with Genei Ibun Roku #FE, which only managed to sell a measly 13,000+ more copies than Japan. That’s rather pathetic when you consider how large the market is here in the States; it didn’t even make it into the top 10 sales chart at all. Also, I wonder how much was spent in total to make and market this game. Whatever the amount turns out to be in the end, I strongly doubt the combined sales from all regions is going to cover it, especially when you factor in that impressive list of names who were hired to provide their voices for the characters in the game. As someone who watches dozens of anime series every season, let’s just say they’re the cream of crop, and should be considered the VA equivalent to Hollywood actors in both name and pay grade.

  • rergerger

    Japan’s population is 127 million, the US’ is 318 million.
    If Genei Ibunroku selling 24k units in Japan is considered a flop then the 50k units sold in the US constitute a slightly bigger flop.
    Proportion is a factor here, to be as “successful” as the Japanese flop, US sales should have been 60k, falling 10k short of that number in a territory with over twice as many potential buyers means US launch was an even bigger flop.
    And that is assuming the 50k figure only takes US sales in account, and not all of the Americas which are NoA’s territory.
    If the 50k figure is taking Canada, Mexico Central America and South America in account then we’re talking about a territory with a population of 953 million people, so to be as “successful” as the Japanese flop the game would have to sell about 200k units.
    Learn your maths people.

  • kaimo

    So this means they won’t try to pull this shit again, right?