Next Vanillaware Game Nearing End of Development, One of Company’s Biggest


Nintenderos has published an interview recently held with Vanillaware president and director George Kamitani, discussing various topics including his history with game development, the process, and what he would like to work on.

This interview includes a statement from George Kamitani referring to the previously teased Vanillaware game in March 2019:

Finally, can you give us any hint about your next original work? It will be a masterpiece for sure! I have no doubt that it will be a masterpiece!

George Kamitani: In March of 2019, for reasons I won’t go into [likely related to development troubles], we sold only the prologue for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, but it did include a video of the next title in it. And now, that is finally finished. I am not the director of that title, but it is one of Vanillaware’s biggest productions, so please look forward to it.

The title I am working on will not be completed for several years yet, but once that big one is completed, I should get some development staff, so development on my project will finally go into full swing.

According to Kamitani in this interview, development on the company’s upcoming title with a medieval fantasy aesthetic—based on the teaser—has either already ended, or the development is coming to a point of completion that will allow him to pursue the title he is directing.

Considering Kamitani’s statements, it is likely we see the game resurface in earnest later this year.

The full teaser trailer can be seen below.

To read more from the interview, including Kamitani’s desire to develop more in the Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown worlds, make sure to read the full interview on Nintenderos.