We Won’t Be Spoiling Persona 5 Royal for You


There’s now one week left until the release of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, on October 31st. With the unannounced Western release date, fans are obviously cautious when it comes to spoilers and elements that might ruin their experience with the game.

That’s why, as with the original game, our statement is: Persona Central will not spoil Persona 5 Royal for you.

As with any game we’ve covered in the past, what we openly report on extends only to pre-release media and information. News that Atlus themselves have deemed appropriate to convey to fans. When it comes to any revealed information pertaining to a game after its release, we are vigilant when it comes to what we will and won’t cover, and how we go about it.

Not posting spoilers for Persona 5 Royal will extend to this website, along with our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

The kind of news we will not cover for Persona 5 Royal post-release:

  • Any in-game elements at all. Essentially, our coverage on the actual “game” aspects of Persona 5 Royal ends once the game releases in Japan.
  • Any character or story elements, naturally.
  • Any media that references any P5R element not shown by Atlus that would be a spoiler.

However, we will still be reporting on official Persona 5 Royal news post-release. Any Persona 5 Royal news reported on that contains potential spoilers will include the following label in the headline: [Spoilers]The header images for these posts will be generic and the headline non-specific, both being devoid of spoilers.

Examples of the kind of news that we would cover for Persona 5 Royal post-release:

  • Sales information.
  • Officially Atlus released trailers/commercials.
  • Trophy list. (With the [Spoilers] tag)
  • Officially announced downloadable content.
  • Datamined/leaked downloadable content. (With the [Spoilers] tag)
  • Collaboration events.
  • Original soundtrack release. (With the post for the entire tracklist including the [Spoilers] tag)
  • In-game content that heavily hints or confirms another game. (An extraordinary exception, where the game itself would be openly reported but the P5R content in question would include the [Spoilers] tag)

For our comments section: do not discuss anything alluding to events that happen in Persona 5 Royal. You will immediately get banned, otherwise.

Essentially, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers for Persona 5 Royal, Persona Central will accommodate that in full. Feel free to continue perusing the site and our social media as you have been for Persona and Atlus news, without fear that you might get Persona 5 Royal spoiled for you by us in the process.