Weekly Question: What Additions and Improvements Do You Want to See in Persona 5 Royal?


Last week, Persona 5 Royal was officially revealed during the Persona Super Live 2019 concert. Following the format of Persona 4 Golden or Persona 3 Portable, P5R will be a remake of the original Persona 5 with various new elements.

The list of currently known additions and improvements in Persona 5 Royal are the following:

Story & Characters

  • A new third semester, greatly expanding the story of the original game.
  • A new important, playable character: the rhythmic gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa.
  • A new Confidant character: the counselor Takuto Maruki.
  • New story events, such as the January 1st “Hatsumode” (first shrine visit of the new year).
  • Selfies added as new messages sent by characters through the texting system.


  • A new area to visit: Kichijoji.
  • New date spots with characters such as an aquarium.
  • Visiting outside areas with the Velvet Room twins.
  • A store to buy costumes/clothing.
  • A DARTSLIVE3 area to play darts with other characters.
  • A pool table area to play pool with other characters.

Art & Music

  • New animated cutscenes, including a new opening.
  • New music composed by Shoji Meguro, sung by Lyn. Includes the new opening “Colors Flying High” and a new ending song.
  • Revamped 2D character portraits during dialogue.


  • New powerful enemies called “Kyouma.”
  • The use of a grappling hook to traverse dungeons.
  • New mechanics/puzzles added to all of the palaces in the game.
  • New types of treasures which appear in dungeons.
  • New special finisher moves used in-battle. Includes “simultaneous attacks” where two characters cooperate to eliminate the enemy. Also includes an “All-Out Attack” finisher for Futaba Sakura.
  • “Daily Assist Command” which helps players navigate the options available to them on a daily basis.


  • Graphical enhancements, and improvements for the PS4 Pro.

So the question is, what additions and/or improvements—other than the ones already confirmed—are you looking forward to seeing in Persona 5 RoyalLeave a comment below and let us know what you think!