Why Persona 4: Dancing All Night Is Shaping Up To Be A Showstopper


I will never forget that fateful day. The countdown. The waiting. The announcements. The outcry. Teddie. When Persona 4: Dancing All Night was first announced, I was angry. Actually, no that isn’t quite right; I simply couldn’t fathom it. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of a Persona game in which the characters would literally dance their way to victory. Sure, Persona has had two fighting game spin-offs, but those games feel downright normal by comparison. Persona 4… as a dancing game? I just wasn’t ready for it.

Things have changed since then. I’m older, cooler, wiser, and more accepting than I was before. I was convinced that I would never give Persona 4: Dancing All Night the time of day, but the prospect of remixed Persona 4 songs, goofy story and the stellar 3D models now has me dancing in anticipation. So with that out of the way, let’s boogie on over to my top 4 reasons for why I’m excited for Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

1. The Alternate Costumes

Yukiko and Naoto - P4D

When it comes to dancing games, a character’s look is arguably just as important as the dancing itself. It’s not just a matter of having them bust a move, you also want them to look good while doing it. That is why I’m incredibly hyped for the alternate costumes. Don’t get me wrong, the original character outfits are good, but the addition of alternate costumes just makes the game all the more enticing. There’s just a tremendous joy to be found in in seeing your favorite characters dolled up in all sorts of various outfits. Having them dance to your favorite song while wearing your outfit of choice? Get out of here.

If Persona 4 Golden was any indication, there’s also going to be an addictive quality to the costumes as well. I’m willing to bet that it’s going to be hard to resist collecting all of them (which of course includes the DLC costumes). As for me, I’m personally looking forward to being able to dance with Narukami’s midwinter alternate costume, because that outfit is the bomb.

2. The Music

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Menus and Vita

I mean duh, right? Of course I’m going to look forward to the songs featured in a rhythm game, but I still think it’s worth pointing out for a couple reasons. First off, the Persona soundtrack is incredible. Some of my all-time favorite video game tracks come from Persona 4 alone, and I still listen to the OST to this day. So right off the bat,  P4D has a ton of appeal fundamentally.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Persona 4: Dancing All Night manages to take things a step further by offering remixed songs, so now there’s familiarity mixed with curiosity and wonder. The remixed songs that have been revealed so far have all been great, and I’m dying to see what they did with the rest of the soundtrack. The inclusion of the song Dance! also seems to hint at the potential of new songs being added to the mix, which is yet another thing to look forward to.

3. The Story

Kanamin Kitchen - P4D

Yep, you read that right; I’m actually interested in this game’s story. Just to be clear, I’m not expecting a grand tale with the storytelling pedigree found in the mainline Persona games or what have you. Whatever they come up with is bound to be cheesy and somewhat cringeworthy which, given the premise, is unavoidable.

And yet… I think there’s a decent chance of something good coming from the plot. I’m really interested in seeing what they do with Kanamin and her gang. Persona 4 did a pretty job of deconstructing the concept of idols, and I’d love see a meaningful continuation of that. Aside from that, I just hope it’s a fun little romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

4. The Characters (New and Old)

Nanako and Kanami - Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Your mileage may vary on this, but I still adore the Persona 4 cast. Sure, they may have gotten a little embellished over the years, and they haven’t particularly reached the highs they displayed in Persona 4 as of late, but… they’re still the Investigation Team! They’re arguably one of the most charming, entertaining (and sometimes hilarious) ensembles in fiction. Persona 4: Dancing All Night throws them into yet another bizarre situation, which means more goofy antics (a plus), more endearing moments between them (a plus), and more affirmations of their new desire to be true to themselves (a plus and a minus).

The game will also prominently feature a few new characters, specifically, Kanamin and her idol mates. The jury is still out on whether these characters will be decent or not, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I want to see them take Kanamin’s character in a sincere direction. What we’ve seen about her so far has been somewhat generic, but I hope she’s a fun, interesting and nuanced character.

Regardless of how you feel about Persona 4: Dancing All Night, there’s little doubt that this game will turn out good. Misgivings about setup or the plot aside, Atlus has had an astonishingly good track record when it has come to the various Persona 4 spin-offs. They’ve proven time and time again that they’re capable of stepping up and putting their all into delivering a high quality product, even for a spin-off game. I’m confident that Persona 4: Dancing All Night will turn out as well as the various other spin-offs, and I look forward to enjoying it in all its wacky goodness.