Persona 20th Anniversary Theme & Avatar Set, P5 DLC Costumes Released for Free on PSN Japan

The following downloadable content was previously announced to be freely distributed to those who attended the Persona 20th Fes event in December 2016:

  1. Persona 20th Anniversary Theme & Avatar set (PS4 edition)
  2. Persona 20th Anniversary Theme (PS3 edition)
  3. “Persona 5” Persona 20th Anniversary logo with Morgana Car sticker
  4. “Persona 5” Maid & Butler Costume set

They have now all been released for free on the Japanese PlayStation Network as thanks to those who have played Persona 5.

Persona 5 Maid & Butler Costume Set

Maid and butler costumes for all members of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5.

PlayStation Store Link (PS4)

Persona 20th Anniversary Morgana Car Logo

New stickers added to the menu that can be selected to change the appearance of the Morgana Car in Persona 5.

PlayStation Store Link (PS4)

Persona 20th Anniversary Theme & Avatar Set

The dynamic theme celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Persona series, and the PS4 version includes two PSN avatars. The theme is also available for the PS3 (without the avatars).

PS4 Theme

PlayStation Store Link

PS3 Theme

PlayStation Store Link

Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on April 4th, 2017, in Traditional Chinese on March 23, 2017, and in Korean in 2017.

  • gouramiagogo

    I haven’t downloaded any free DLC since the initial set, so in addition to the ones listed in the article the Christmas costume, Persona costume + BGM, and Challenge Mode DLC are also free. Might be a good time to grab them all.

  • Edgar

    Why hasn t this site reported the news about Hardin tweet?

    • Irving Lee

      Which tweet? There doesn’t seem to be anything new to report about.

      • Edgar

        He confirmed it’s coming just for PS3 and PS4

        • Irving Lee

          That’s months-old news at this point. He was irritated by the constant questions of whether it’s coming to the Switch.

          • Edgar

            I never saw the news before his last tweet

          • Irving Lee

            I mean, the game was said to be coming to PS4 and PS3 only since it was announced, and nothing else. Yet people keep asking Hardin for ports. Hence him re-confirming.

          • Edgar

            Recently Sony itself labeled it first as “console exclusive”, then no “exclusive” label at all. It s normal if many started making questions from that.
            “Since it was announced” means ZERO in 2017. Tons of games are announced in a way and turn another one. Less than a week ago we had a very simple example: Rime. Announced as PS4 exclusive, it ended up being released also on my toilet. And to find another one, similar, we need just another week earlier: Valkyria Revolution, announced PS4-PSV, and coming to One too.

    • Mr.Sammich

      Because it’s not really news?

      • Edgar

        It is for who used to ask about portings and for who will still ask. It’s good showing in order to make annoying things like that stop.

  • NoelHighBird

    Will the costume and sticker DLC work with the english version of the game?

    • Persona_Central

      The Japanese DLC will only be compatible with the Japanese version of the game.