Persona 20th Fes Key Visual, New Events, Persona 5 DLC Announced

The “Persona 20th Festival” will be held in December 2016, celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary, and new details for the upcoming event have been announced, including new Persona 5 downloadable content.

The official website has been updated accordingly.

Key Visual

Following the previous provisional key art for the anniversary event, the official key visual representing each mainline game in the Persona series has been released. It is illustrated by series artist Shigenori Soejima.


New Events

Following the previously detailed five events taking place the the “Persona 20th Fes,” two new events have been announced, as well as more information for the “Stalls Corner” event.

05. Booth Corner

The booth area where product sales are carried out. There will be the implementation of a shooting attraction and a ball pit, with mini-games planned in a festival-like manner for people to enjoy.

There will be prizes, as well. Attractions will be paid on an individual basis.

06. House of Fortune-Telling

Planned as a cultural festival staple, this will be a simple fortune-telling session using Tarot cards. When entering the room with a number of people together, their fortunes will be divined.


Enjoy the music of the “Persona” series in this sound-related area. DJ WAKA will be present every few hours, with planned DJ performances.

More events will be announced in the future.


A new “Collaboration” section has been added to the official website for the Persona 20th Fes, including the previously detailed Pixiv Illustration Contest, as well as a new event:

Taka Rush! Guessing Game

A realistic treasure hunt game produced by “Taka Rush!” It’s a full-scale mystery solving game featuring Persona 5 planned to take place in the city of Akihabara. By interpreting the mysteries, try to get the treasure!

Mystery solving kits will need to be purchased separately, and more details will be announced in the future.

More collaboration events will be announced in the future, as well.


Limited Web Radio Show

At the internet radio station “Sound Fountain,” there will be a 1-month limited web radio delivery, four times, during the month of November.

The format of the show will change each time with different special guests. More details will be announced at a later date.

Persona 5 DLC

Atlus has announced new Persona 5 DLC which will be distributed to everyone who participates at the Persona 20th Fes in December.

Celebrating the series’ anniversary, the downloadable content is known as the “Persona 20th Anniversary Set,” featuring a “Maid & Butler Costume Set” and a couple of other releases.

  1. Persona 20th Anniversary theme & Avatar set (PS4 edition)
  2. Persona 20th Anniversary theme (PS3 edition)
  3. “Persona 5” Persona 20th Anniversary logo with Morgana Car sticker
  4. “Persona 5” Maid & Butler Costume set

The “Maid & Butler Costume Set” was previously seen through the datamined content:

Maid and Butler Persona 5 Costumes

Product codes will be given during the event on a printed card, and the above DLC will also be distributed at a later date, free of charge.


  • Venue: Arts Chiyoda 3331 (Akihabara, Tokyo)
  • Date: December 8, 2016 – December 18
  • Price:
    • Limited goods w/ advance tickets: 4,020 yen (excluding tax)
    • Advance tickets: 2,020 yen (excluding tax)
    • Tickets on the day: 2,222 yen (excluding tax)
  • Company: Atlus
  • Production: Sony Music Communications

— Persona Channel (1, 2)

  • Patrick Honeyman

    Sounds like Atlus has lots of good stuff planned for the 20th anniversary. If you’re a series fan and live in Tokyo you’re quite fortunate to catch some of this 10-day celebration.

    How’s Atlus going to make any money from the DLC if they keep giving it away FOC? (Lol)

    A sign of goodwill towards fans though for sure.

    • Irving Lee

      It’s not a sign of goodwill when the DLCs were already on disc and half of them are paid DLC.

    • Astro_labe

      It’s nice that Atlus is giving a decent amount of extraneous, aesthetic DLC to us without cost. It’s nice that they’re only creating DLC that give people the option to have extra flavor to their playthrough and not actual gameplay or story content.

      I understand them having to charge for certain things given the rising costs of game development and yet the price of a video game has remain capped at sixty dollars for how many years now? I don’t have unrealistic expectations about what developers should or shouldn’t give to gamers for free considering I have no idea what the costs accrued for this particular game was.

  • UƖтιмαтє Ɗєѕραιя

    Don’t get me wrong, I like new outfits, but how many of those outfit DLCs is atlus releasing? And it sucks most of them were already in the disc.

    • Skorm94

      You’re absolutely right, on-disc dlc just feels wrong but for a game with this crazy amount of content I’m not gonna complain ^^

    • Dinkus

      Every single set is on the disc, buddy. They’re all just 100kb unlock codes. DLC is the standard because consumers didn’t fight back enough against it, can’t really blame Atlus for adopting it.

    • Numbah 5

      They sadly started doing this since PQ and Shin IV which is a shame but also gives ideas for more dlc could you imagine Odin sphere dlc costumes or maybe sega costumes like Phantasy Star Online? that would be pretty cool at the same time i agree that it sucks since it’s all on the disc


    I love the new Visual! Thats going to be my Profile Picture. :D

  • DragKudo

    The site says the Maid DLC will be free at a later date.

  • NoelHighBird

    yo, doe sanybody knows the link or way to get the ps3 20th anniversary theme??