Love Live! School Idol Festival x Persona Series Collaboration Announced


Bushiroad in joint development with KLab have announced a collaboration between the Persona series and the mobile rhythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival. For the upcoming collaboration, a special poll has been created, featuring the members of μ’s (Muse), the school idol group.

Special Collaboration Campaign Girl Vote!

A special collaboration between School Festival and the Persona series has been announced. Prior to the collaboration, a poll will be held for the special collaboration campaign girl. The member chosen as the campaign girl will appear in the School Festival game as a special ultra rare (UR) member wearing the Persona 3 character Elizabeth’s costume.

The voting is taking place on a special campaign website. The voting period is from May 27 to June 9, 2021, and voting is limited to once per person, per day.

More details on the collaboration will be announced in the near future.

Update (2021-07-29):

On June 28th, it was announced that Eli Ayase achieved the most votes in the popularity poll, and will thus be the representative campaign girl: