Persona 5 Mini Live by Lyn Features Full Version of ‘Dark Sun’, TGS 2018 Sega Finale Concert Medley


During the Persona 5 “Mini Live Performance & Talk Show” Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event, vocalist Lyn held a mini performance featuring songs from P5.

Persona 5 Mini Live

The songs in order were:

  • “Dark Sun” (Full version of the Persona 5 the Animation second opening)
  • “Rivers in the Desert” (Persona 5 boss theme)
  • “GROOVY” (Full version of the Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight opening theme)

Sega Finale Concert Medley

To close out Tokyo Game Show 2018, Sega featured a “Finale Live Concert” with the following performers:

  • Lyn (Persona 5 vocalist)
  • Jun Senoue (Sonic series sound director)
  • Shoji Meguro (Persona series sound composer)

The performance featured a medley of Sega games, including Sonic Mania and Persona 5.