Final Fantasy XV Delay News Leads to Persona 5 Pre-order Boost on Amazon JP

Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s upcoming console RPG, was set for a September 30, 2016 release date before it was recently delayed to November 29, 2016. Previously, the game would have been released during the same month as Persona 5 in Japan, which is set for a September 15th launch.

Seemingly as a result of FFXV‘s delay, Persona 5 has experienced a significant boost in terms of pre-orders fulfilled on Amazon Japan, making it the second most popular product in the video game “Best Sellers” rankings.

Best Sellers Amazon Japan

Until yesterday in Japan—before the Final Fantasy XV news hit—Persona 5 was only ranked between 12th and 15th place.

In the “Movers & Shakers” rankings, Persona 5 has jumped to #3 from #11, with a 450% boost to pre-orders placed for it in a matter of 24 hours.

Persona 5 Rankings

Previously in December 2015, Square Enix had sent out a survey asking fans whether they would prefer to buy Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV if both games were to have a similar release date.

Final Fantasy XV‘s release date of September 30, 2016 was confirmed during the “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event on March 30, 2016. Persona 5‘s date of September 15, 2016 was subsequently confirmed on May 5, 2016 during their “Take Tokyo Tower” event. News of the recent delay to FFXV was announced on August 15, 2016.

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016, and in China on the same date for the PS4. It will release in North America and Europe on February 14, 2017.

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  • gundam-meowth

    Definitely makes sense! With so much time between them now it’s giving a chance to not have to choose one or the other plus time to save money. As someone getting P5 in September too I’m a bit glad to see the delay just so I have time xD

  • ElementaB

    This will hopefully be good for both games sales. Both look amazing for different reasons so I want them both to do well.

  • JeySigma

    Persona beating Pokemon is… kinda crazy. I mean wow..

    then again Tales of recycled bullshit is also beating Persona…and that too, is crazy in its own way. Wtf japan

    • finalmoose

      Well Pokemon doesnt come out until November, so it makes sense that it would have fewer preorders, plus there are two versions, effectively splitting the number in two. Also, Berseria comes out in 3 days, so it makes sense that it would have more preorders than P5 which is still a month away.

    • Espurr Muffin

      Jeez why so fucking hostile towards tales???

      • JeySigma

        Not really hostile, despite my choice of words.
        but i gave the tales games many chances and none of them impressed me. Even the berseria demo felt like.. crap. Horrible graphics (for a PS4 game. Hell it has PS2 textures. PS2 quality textures.. in PS4. Let that sink in)
        Then you have your standard run of the mill characters with typical stories.

        Last Tales game i enjoyed fully was Symphonia. Im not gonna mention the ones that bored me to death; too many to count.

        • I kind of agree too. After (iirc) Yoshiharu Gotandu left from previously Namco or Tales Team to do Tri-Ace, the current team for tales is just recycling his battle system and barely adding significant features, plus some same textures, story structure, and items: it’s fun when you first play from the series, but after a few it does not leave an impression to play more… I’m willing to try this game though since I stopped after Xillia (maybe)… Then we have Persona series which is always different and has unique stories!

          • Saikyuu

            That’s ok. Not every game needs to have a new battle system. We saw how this (didn’t) worked for Final Fantasy.

          • Yea, that’s a good example, hahaha…

        • Espurr Muffin

          I have to disagree in terms gameplay the berseria demo was pretty sweet at least for me. but i will give it to you (although ps2 graphics is a bit of a exaggeration) graphics are pretty weak even though im used it since jrpg’s with great graphics are uncommon normally making up for it with art style but the tales art style really hasnt really evolved much since xillia and no matter how i like that style its growing a bit old and seriously needs an upgrade for the next game .

        • Super_gamer63

          Well to be fair every jrpg have the standard run of the mill characters, even persona (shocking i know). Personas stories arent innovative either. The graphics are not good and not bad but they arent ps2 levels ( why the exaggeration). In the end it is up to the person which game he prefers but please don’t say that tales of is a piece of garbage and saying that persona is better in every aspect.

    • Sckarton

      tales is like 2 days away from release while persona is few weeks away. the closer the game from release, the higher the preorder it receives.


      You mean I’m not going to play as HS student leading a double life while dealing with the first world problems of JP citizens? You mean Familiar demons/Persona aren’t coming back?

      Don’t take this as a slight to persona. I can’t wait for it and hope it does well…but there’s a reason fandom has such a negative connotation, especially these days. No need to bring up Tales (its date is far enough apart to not affect persona) let alone generalize it. Not to mention the shot at Japan for not adhering to your tastes lol.

    • DucksonAPlain

      Tales being a Nearly Yearly release also means you have to play that shit as faster. You can take your sweet ass time playing Persona. Gonna be a decade before the next one comes out. Might as well buy it on sale in a couple years.

    • Super_gamer63

      at least tales didnt copied the story from jojo part 4 ;D

  • bloodshed113094

    As a college student, I can say it’s also possible people, like me, were holding off on pre-ordering until they got their financial aid. I’m not saying it was a huge amount, but I’m certain some of those sales are imports from college students.

    • Lansou Everett

      I highly doubt a specific overnight 450% boost came from random college students receiving their financial aid which is something that practically occurs every day. That’s just silly.
      This massive boost came on the same night that FFXV was delayed. Any intelligent person can figure it out.

      • bloodshed113094

        I said part of it. I can’t tell if you only read part of the comment or really did think I meant the entire amount was college students from a different country. That would just be dumb.

        • Lansou Everett

          No part of it came from such an everyday-occuring irrelevant event.

          • bloodshed113094

            So you think not a single copy was pre-ordered by someone waiting on their loans to come through? Even when the comment directly below yours confirms that it was the case with someone already? You must live in a world of your own face nodding eternally at yourself to be able to ignore others and accept your own opinion as fact so easily.

          • Lansou Everett

            One copy = 450% boost


          • bloodshed113094

            You are just stupid. I said some of it. I didn’t even say a significant amount. Learn how to read other people’s comments.

          • Hiro

            I think the question is, how many students got their financial aided on the same day?

          • bloodshed113094

            Does Japan do Financial Aid? I’m no expert on the country, so could someone clear this up? Although, I think they start attending classes in the spring or early summer, so I doubt they would receive their Financial Aid at the same time as us.

    • Dnetwork7

      Hmm I thought I was the only one. lol

    • Nettik

      But this was on Japan’s Amazon store, not NA’s store…? I mean, it’s possible and it happened, but it seems so weird to comment on the small percent of college students who import games when it’s clear this is based on the fact that FFXV and P5 were competing with each other, and even Square Enix realized that.

      Also, uh, you use your financial aid to buy video games?

      • bloodshed113094

        Well, I just found it interesting that it happened the day that I was expecting my financial aid to come in and it’s not like people wouldn’t be pre-ordering the imports. Also, I prioritized school over finding a job so I would have more time for homework. I have to pay Financial Aid off anyways, so why not use it for what I like?

  • Jackie

    is anybody honestly surprised by this delay on xv? i sure as hell am not

  • Tony Montana

    That’s what they get for delaying it