Next Persona Character in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle to be Announced on November 17, 2017


The monthly Arc System Works live stream—taking place on the third Friday of each month—will happen this Friday on November 17th at 8:00 PM JST (3:00 AM PST / 6:00 AM EST).

The stream will feature new information on the cross-over fighting game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and the official Persona Twitter account has retweeted the announcement tweet for the live stream that was made on November 9th, teasing a new Persona character reveal.

Yosuke Hanamura was revealed as the second Persona 4 Arena representative in the game during the September 2017 live stream. Chie Satonaka was then announced as the next character during the October 2017 live stream.

Considering the pattern of Persona characters introduced for the game up until now, it is likely that the next character to be revealed on Friday will be the Investigation Team’s Yukiko Amagi.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be released for the PS4, Switch, and on Steam in 2018.

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