Dx2 SMT: Liberation Second Trailer Reveals New Characters, Pre-Registration Now Open [Update]


Update (2017-11-29): A new character has been announced through Twitter called Inoue Karato, celebrating the Twitter account gaining over 30,000 followers.

On November 10, 2017, a new pre-registration campaign began for the smartphone RPG Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation.

This information was revealed through a new trailer released on street vision screens in Japan, which will be broadcast from November 10th to December 15th.

Trailer #2 (UDX Vision Akihabara)

This follows the first trailer for the game shown during Tokyo Game Show 2017, along with the teaser trailer originally shown on large screens in Japan as well.

A female protagonist for the game and new character Einherjar were previously  announced last month, and the above trailer reveals the remaining characters originally teased through silhouettes.


The entire cast of the “Liberators”—the secret organization that aims to protect the world—has been revealed.

Main Character (male) / (female)

The hero, the player’s alter ego. They become caught up in the conflict between Liberators and Acolytes after downloading a game app by recommendation of a famous movie distributor.

Sun Xiang (Code Name: Chalk Eater)

A Chinese student from Shanghai who is researching a supercomputer at a university. His hobby is surfing the internet and watching horror movies. He is very passionate when it comes to horror movies.

Ueda Ririn (Code Name: Irene)

A female high school student who likes anime. She is a cosplayer who makes costumes on her own. She works part-time at the swimsuit cafe in Akihabara. She dreams of becoming rich by writing young-adult fiction.

Shiori Takadono (Code Name: Shio-nyan)

A popular young underground idol. At the age of 16, she entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by skipping grades. She has an IQ of 180, and is fluent in eight different languages. She has a bad personality that her fans do not realize. In battle, she dons her stage costume to get into fighting spirit.

Tsai-Jung Yun (Code Name: Kangaroo Boxer)

A male Taiwanese fighter. Besides combat sports, he enjoys manga and illustration, as a closet otaku. He is somewhat narcissistic, and always wants to show off.


Taro Fuse (Code Name: Megakin)

Taro Fuse is the leader of the Liberators. He is a popular video distributor on “Mega Tube.” Originally he was a rapper, but he couldn’t sell anything. His hobbies are film criticism and radio control.

Rika Ryuzoji (Code Name: Templar Dragon)

A cool beauty and gun enthusiast. She goes to an elite all-female school. Along with the hero who just joined the Liberators, she will be investigating a certain case.

Inoue Karato (Code Name: Meat Balloon)

A military enthusiast who made plans to join the JSDF. After being discharged, he became a mercenary for a private military company. He is fluent in English and enjoys playing FPS games online with foreign players. He also likes karaoke and idols.

Pre-Registration Campaign

The official website for Dx2 SMT: Liberation has been updated, and a pre-registration page has been opened accordingly. By entering one’s email address, one can pre-register for access to the game once it is released.

Depending on the number of players who pre-register, bonus items and demons will be given to all players upon the game’s release.


Pre-Registration AmountRewardNotes
10,000Muscle Drink x 1Item to restore stamina to its maximum value.
30,000Demon Analyzer x 1Item to use Demon Analyze.
50,000Pixie (Fairy) x 1
70,000Demon Contract x 1Item that brings companionship to 100% when used in demon negotiations.
100,000Demon Promotion (???)Pixie (fairy), distributed as a free demon, will be promoted to a powerful demon.
100,000 or moreFor an additional milestone, every time a certain number of pre-registrations are achieved, an additional bonus will be given.

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