Persona 5 + P5R Official Design Works Announced for English Release by Udon in 2022


During Comic-Con@Home 2021 last month, comic book publisher Udon Entertainment announced that they would be releasing a physical version of “Persona 5 Official Design Works,” an art book that was originally released in Japan on December 26, 2016. This art book was later released in French on March 21, 2019.

In May 2019, this Persona 5 art book saw an English digital release via Famitsu. Publisher Prima Games had released the English “The Art of Persona 5” in November 2017, which had 432 pages. It was missing content from the 512-page original art book.

Shin Megami Tensei Network recently released a podcast episode with Udon Entertainment Director of Publishing Matt Moylan, in which he further describes the plans for the upcoming, first physical English release of the Persona 5 art book.

The English text already translated for the Famitsu digital release will mostly be reused for the hardcover version of the book, which is presently targeted for a 2022 release date (which Moylan hopes to be in spring 2022). Additionally, unlike the previous releases, Persona 5 Royal artwork will be added to the end of the book, with the title of the book officially recognized as “Persona 5 + P5R Official Design Works.”

Persona 5: Mementos Mission

Udon Entertainment recently announced that the Persona 5: Mementos Mission manga by Rokuro Saito will be released in English in December 2021.

The first volume of Persona 5: Mementos Mission can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Future Persona Release Teases

in the Shin Megami Tensei Network interview, Matt Moylan teases that the company has Persona unannounced books that the company has licensed, as well as books that they are working on licensing.

In July 2015, Udon Entertainment announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 that an English version of the “Persona Q: Official Visual Materials” art book—originally released in Japan in September 2014—would be set for a release in summer 2016. This art book never actually came out in English.

Shin Megami Tensei Network